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Current Projects

We need your help!

The EFO is a community based organization. We rely on the support of the anti-school community to complete the majority of our projects. Please get involved in any of the below projects, and help out the best you can.


Research Paper Series

We are starting work on a series of “research papers”, which will encompass a review of existing literature and look into the theoretical and practical underpinnings of alternative education. Along with these papers, we may produce a series of blog posts which provide some analysis of education today, and the movement to change it. We would appreciate any contributions to help fund these projects and we would love to hear from anyone interested in collaborating on these papers. We will also be glad to re-post, review, or publish relevant submitted work.

EFO E-Magazine Volume 2

Work has started on the second edition of the EFO zine. For more on this, view the official volume 2 forum thread here: Official Volume 2 Thread

We are currently in the process of gathering donations in order to become official members of a number of freedom-fighting educational networks. We are also seeking to send a delegate from the EFO to the next AERO Conference. To donate some much needed finances, click here: EFO Donate Page


EFO Youtube Expansion
We are planning on expanding our youtube channel by creating a handful of new videos. Anyone with any experience is welcome to submit their videos or ideas in the EFO Planning and Project forums, here: http://www.edfreedom.org/community/forum/efo-discussion/



  1. Daniel

    Will you guys work to make education optional (no matter what the age) in the U.S. nationally? If you aren’t do you know a group that’s working towards that?

    1. admin

      That’s the plan but we are definitely having a lot of setbacks. Check out our resources section, there’s a bunch of organizations listed which are all working towards the same thing.

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