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We often come across similar arguments in favor of compulsory schooling in its current form. This page is designed to compile said arguments along with our responses. You can help us add more here.



Unless classes are mandatory, how would anyone learn what they need to survive?

Most of what is learned in class is forgotten after the course is taken by the average student, so clearly we do not need any of that to survive. Furthermore, our aim is not to abolish public education, our aim is simply to make it more free.


Unless school is compulsory, who would want to attend?

Makes sense – why would any child want to waste time learning something they’ll never use? However, if school was changed to be more oriented to student needs and wants, then attendance would not be an issue. Post-secondary education isn’t mandatory, but many people attend regardless. It should also be noted that the quality of our schools would be greatly improved by abolishing compulsory attendance laws, since everyone would genuinely want to be there.


You have to deal with things you don’t like in the real world, so what makes you think school should be any different?

In the “real world” we have choices on the matter. Never mind the fact that youth are already living in the “real world.”


You should be glad that you even have these schools, what about the millions that don’t?

“You should be glad you even have this horrible, low paying job, what about the millions who don’t?” While it can be argued that some schooling is better than no schooling, that does not mean we shouldn’t attempt to improve our schools. We should always strive to create the best form of society possible, just because others don’t have what we have doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to perfect our system.


Without mandatory education, won’t child labor still be prevalent?

No. Child labor laws will still be in place regardless of how education is carried out, and there will still be voluntary educational institutions in place.


If students are able to learn whatever they want, won’t they learn useless things, or think they can do whatever they want regardless of laws?

Not necessarily. There are numerous examples of unschooled students who have lead very successful lives. Direction is still given, it is simply given in the areas in which the students are naturally interested.


If a child dislikes a subject, they should just work less hard on the material in question. Isn’t passing all that matters?

This shows how schools only care about getting kids out the door as graduates. Aren’t schools supposed to be about learning, remembering, and using what is taught? Many of today’s students are just doing the minimum to pass their courses. If the world truly wants a rich learning environment, it would be one where kids had a genuine interest to learn everything they spend time learning. Otherwise, that time will be wasted by both pupil and teacher.


Students learn SOME things at public schools, so aren’t schools good?

Learning is a life long endeavor and can happen in school, on Youtube, in a conversation, or pretty much anywhere else. The problem is that schools are inefficient, if not detrimental when it comes to educating individuals and they need to be replaced by a better alternative.


The people who hate the school system can simply ignore it, so what’s the point of this organization?

There are a myriad of kids who wake up every morning stressed and discontent with their schools, and that’s all the reason we need to exist. Unlike some people, we’re not only concerned about the revenue generated from student attendance. If we don’t do anything to improve the actual education, who will?


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