Apr 09 2015

2015: An Action Plan.

The EFO has largely been dead for well over two years. Little action has been taken. In 2014, we made this post: http://www.edfreedom.org/695/efo-reboot/

Essentially, the plan is the same as that post implies, with a few minor differences. We will soon be compiling and publishing a few academic papers in regards to progressive education, including reviews of the current state of education, analysis of different methods, and historical accounts of schooling. Throughout the summer of 2015, a few of these should start to pop up here and there.

We’re also considering partnering with a few more organizations networking with people interested in the movement. The research team for EFO is essentially just me, with a few contributors who help out here and there. It’ll be slow going, but if those we partner with are on board, we’ll be able to publish more actively, and cover a wider array of topics. The first paper will probably be published on May 25th, barring any additional time constraints.

As a side note, any comments that have been made over the past few months will probably be deleted along with the several thousand spam comments that have been flooding the site. We’re implementing better spam prevention, so this will not be a problem in the future. (Hopefully.)

— JC

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