Jan 19 2014

Compulsory education: Effective or In Need of Reform?


The following essay talks about the current national educational system. The beginning of the
essay explains to the reader exactly what compulsory education is and why the reader should be
concerned about education, as well as a short explanation of what the educational system is capable of
if correctly reformed. Moving onto the research, the essay provides the reader with multiple sources
discussing the major issues of compulsory schooling as well as the major alternatives that exist. Each
alternative is discussed in-depth, reaching a final conclusion of the alternative at the end of the
discussion based off the presented research. Major problems that the current national education system
has are also made apparent in this section. Near the end of the essay, all the research and results are
compiled together to reach a solution. The solution is then discussed, outlining how this solution would
be successfully implemented. The essay is concluded with a discussion on an organization that is
working to improve the education system and a reiteration of what needs to be done to improve the
nation-wide public education system.

Full Document: http://www.edfreedom.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2014/01/sharpie_research_paper.pdf

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