Aug 21 2012

Manifesto: Education of Tomorrow

Education of Tomorrow

For too long, we have considered school and education to be one and the same. If this is a fact, then perhaps the ever-growing belief is correct: education is indeed broken. Or rather, the cerebral idea of education has now become a materialistic institution. Education has become school, and school is presently a mangled travesty. Somewhere along the way, the noble intention of creating productive, intelligent, thinking members of society has warped everything meaningful about the natural learning process (education) into mere report cards and diplomas. Instead of encouraging kids to pursue their personal passions, they are expected to learn what others say they must learn… All in the name of scores, grades, and standardized testing. Individuality, creativity, and freedom of choice is crushed, all in the name of the proverbial “real world” and an imaginary measuring stick which we are all judged by. Currently, schools spit in the face of true education.

We, the Educational Freedom Organization, will fight against the obsolete school system until the day we achieve change. No longer will we stand for this low standard, where graduation translates to life competence despite the subpar and trivial knowledge actually obtained. It is time for the young men and women of this world to rise and take responsibility. Not the responsibility to attend school, but the responsibility to obtain a real education. We must put down our electronics and social networking, if only for one moment. For one moment, we must pave the way for our children. The future generation must not endure the same suffering we’ve gone through. And suffer we have. Surveys and studies are not needed to make this claim, for we not only know this, we have lived it. Nobody wants to do something against their will for the first ten plus years of their lives. The EFO believes the daily coercion of all that is young to be morally and criminally unjust.

Once we accomplish our goal, the school system of old will be transfigured into a new learning environment. A place where artists and musicians will be treated with the same respect as mathematicians and scientists, and no endeavor will be placed higher than another. New schools where students and teachers are partners, turning blind obedience into mutual respect. We shall obtain freedom of choice for every independent and intelligent person who has suffered under the false banner of “learning in schools.” In order to mend the mistaken schools of today, let us ensure this vision becomes the education of tomorrow.

That which changes an unchanging system is youth”

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